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New album by John Schlitt

At December 23, John Schlitt released his new album “Go” as a digital download at Schlittshop. The physical album will be available in a month or two. The album is a rock album that fits nicely in after his last solo rock project “The Greater Cause”.  This is high quality rock played by talented musicians…

The Union of Sinners and Saints

Here is the song “Independence Day” performed by John Schlitt and his new band “The Union of Sinners and Saints. This band is a mix of some former Whiteheart members and the lead vocalist from Petra. They are releasing a New CD in June and will be touring in USA this summer. Read more:

John Schlitt – Save Me – 2012

John Schlitt – Live At Flekkeroy – 2012.

John Schlitt – Little Drummer Boy